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[Download] Jon Sinn - Seduction Roadmap filter_list
[Download] Jon Sinn - Seduction Roadmap #1
[Download] Jon Sinn - Seduction Roadmap

One reason why I’ve been able to accomplish so much in this area is because of my obsessive nature. After about a year and a half of talking to at least 50 girls a week religiously I got good enough at getting girls to sleep with me that I was invited to become an instructor for The Mystery Method Corporation, which later became Love Systems.

In those days, I used to practice and teach what was known as the “Mystery Method.” The Mystery Method was a very dogmatic and rigid “system” for getting women into bed. By rigid I mean it had very rigid rules such as you must first speak to a girl “indirectly” then you must “attract” her, then “build comfort” then later move her to a “seduction location” where you’ll begin the “seduction phase.”

We also used to teach dogmatic rules like “it takes an average of seven hours to get a girl into bed” and “never show your interest to a girl unless she first shows interest in you.”

Eventually, I noticed that there were quite a few guys who were breaking the rules of the Mystery Method left and right and were still getting laid like rock stars. For example, there was one guy, who I’ll call “Tommy.” that I hung out with that would never do anything “indirect” and would constantly tell girls how much he liked them and he was getting laid A LOT.

There was another guy I met named Jason that was a master of getting girls into bed within four hours of meeting them.

After seeing all this, I finally decided that the Mystery Method that I was following was flat out wrong.

I then spent the next three years developing my own system for getting laid. It was during this time that I developed my system for getting girls to fall in love with you, which I created partially from looking at what Tommy was doing.

I also moved to Dallas, Texas to learn first-hand from Jason how he was able to get girls to sleep with him so quickly. This information formed the basis for the Same Night Lays seminar that I used to teach.

It was also during this period of time where I perfected my system for meeting and sleeping with women that you meet in the day time which is found in my best-selling Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program.

With all of these systems, the focus is always on getting laid. My goal is always to get the best results possible with the least amount of effort. So if I was doing something that did not lead me to the goal of getting the girl into bed, I would discard it.

Now you may be listening to yourself thinking, “Jon, you mentioned your systems for getting girls to fall in love with you, Same Night Lays, and your Day Game system , that’s A LOT of different systems you’re talking about…”

I agree. I have developed quite a few seduction systems. And to be honest, for a while, knowing so many different systems has been quite overwhelming for me as well. It was a lot of information even for me to keep track of and it would make me feel really confused at times.

So for the past few months, I’ve been breaking down each and every one of these systems to find out what the commonalities are. I’ve also gone back through all of my journals and past lay reports to see exactly what I was doing with my past lays. I’ve even interviewed many of my past students to find out what was happening when they got laid.

After months of obsessive research, testing and tweaking, I finally broke everything down into the four simple steps that must happen before sex happens. These steps form the basis of the Seduction Roadmap.

With the Seduction Roadmap, you have your very own “get laid” checklist: as long as the right “boxes” are checked in the right order, sex is guaranteed to happen.
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RE: [Download] Jon Sinn - Seduction Roadmap #2
(04-09-2019, 04:18 AM)OneFlex Wrote: [Download] Jon Sinn - Seduction Roadmap

Link is not working anymore.... :/
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