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Discord nitro gen #1
Hi, I experiment a little script in python that can generate codes "nitro discord" but, I have not yet checker, so I propose you, even the code that you can record in python Smile
I am french, so it's in french, but it's easy do do, just hit a number, and the script will make a text file with the codes.

The Scipt is :

import random, string

print(">>> Générateur de Discord Nitro <<< ")

num=input('Nombre de codes: ')

f=open("Codes Nitro.txt","w", encoding='utf-8')


for n in range(int(num)):
y = ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits + string.ascii_lowercase) for _ in range(16))
f.write("" + y)

input("\n\nTerminé, appuyez sur enter pour sortir. Codes enregistrés dans le fichier texte Codes Nitro")



RE: Discord nitro gen #2
It seems the script is loading a file with keys ("Codes Nitro.txt"). I think this script might be useless without that file.
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RE: Discord nitro gen #3
Thread moved from the Hacking Tools forum to Coding.
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RE: Discord nitro gen #4
This is very interesting - but nitro links are only valid when user buys nitro and hasn't redeemed it. On the one in a million chance that you generate one - you need to be very quick in redeeming. Id recommend multi threading this and adding auto redemption support - loads lots of tokens from tokens.txt or smth.


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