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Deezer Checker by Redeye's filter_list
Deezer Checker by Redeye's #1
[Image: OnZyl9X.jpg]

Greetings to all, dear users.

For personal use, I’ll say that this is the best checker at the moment.

Easy to use, configure, etc. Have a nice use!

Password: deezer

Download link:

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RE: Deezer Checker by Redeye's #2
You can't go wrong with Redeye's tools.

They're all somewhat similar (grey GUI, hits saved In the folder of which the tool Is executed In) and In my experience, they're very fast with the checking process. Not all have proxy support, though.

Your online virus scan report was around 4 months old, hence I've updated It.
Thanks for the contribution.
[Image: AD83g1A.png]


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