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filter_list { Community Alert } Teamviewer Exploited
{ Community Alert } Teamviewer Exploited #1
Team viewer is vulnerable to an attack which allows full control over the users PC, Windows, Mac & Linux and it ignores the permissions set by the client.

First the exploit code:

Luckily this isn't a remote flaw but those with weak default passwords should change them immediately.

Keep your shit secure.
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RE: { Community Alert } Teamviewer Exploited #2
Thanks for the alert man! Although I don't use TeamViewer, I still like that you are alerting the community!


RE: { Community Alert } Teamviewer Exploited #3
I think no matter what any type of news like this should be spread in the right areas for those who may still use such software.
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RE: { Community Alert } Teamviewer Exploited #4
Although not as popular as It was a few years ago, TeamViewer Is still widely used by a lot of corporations. Tech support use It at my work when remotely troubleshooting network Issues.

Appreciate the news.
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