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filter_list Call of Duty WWII
Call of Duty WWII #1
This thread is to discuss the various aspects of the new call of duty game. I will be leaving my personal opinion and rating of the game and look forward to reading every one elses as well.

I am so happy to announce that there are no experience suit movements in the latest title, there are also no noobtubes (I'm very sad)

The multy player is also based on world war two guns and equipment which I'm absolutely thrilled about. No more futuristic attachments or weapons and that is a giant game changer!

The guns them self are pretty ok point you can not just take a lmg and run and gun any more. This is a blessing to be honest lol.

The pros system is a bit weird, instead of choosing three+ perks you get one selectable perk (basic training in this game) and each division (pending on weapon type you choose) had for tiers of bonuses they offer.

Instead of just joining random lobbies etc you now look up at head quarters where you are able to set up classes, redeem contact rewards, etc etc. They have even set up a one v one more in head quarters.

As for glitches, yeah they are still there as they will always be. But instead of seeing people to explore then or running a massive by limiting access to certain areas they simply shut the entire game down, bit every one to a lobby and make you start again while removing the cheaters Smile

All around u would give this game 10/10 and an actually happy I own it I almost legitimately gave up on the cod series...
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