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CARBI - Fully Automated Crypto Trading Service filter_list
CARBI - Fully Automated Crypto Trading Service #1
CARBI  -  A fully automated cloud service for ARBI Bot
capable of multiplying any deposit with a highly effective
and relatively risk-free strategy that provides profitable
fast trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How does it work?

ARBI BOT is well-known as the leading automated cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage trading bot available to retail traders (

Capitalising on small price differences across markets, it has long been dominated by professional bot traders using institutional-grade systems with ultra-fast connections to trading exchanges. The most profitable trading requires highly optimised settings meticulously developed and adapted to match the ever-changing cryptocurrency market conditions. Until now, it has been almost impossible for retail traders to have the critical edge needed to compete against the more established institutional traders in this highly technical area.

We bring the trading power of ARBI BOT into a fully managed and automated service that benefits from ultra high-speed connectivity and risk management, to give you the edge needed to maximize the growth of your assets.

This is a regular trading day with CARBI.  

   [Image: BnRR04p.png]
  [Date, Pair 1, Pair 2, Pair 3, Profit%]

             ROI% = 6.007

How do I buy CARBI?

CARBI is priced at $250 + €110/month, notice that the investor has to initially buy the ARBI Bot license (one-time payment)  which includes full hosting of the ARBI bot on our private cloud servers, fully automated management and configuration of the bot, and tuning of adjustments made in real-time through its own internal API connector.

Link for payment:

For additional information, message me on the forum or join our Telegram group here.


RE: CARBI - Fully Automated Crypto Trading Service #2
Between 2019-05-13 and 2019-05-15 CARBI set ETH as base currency. As this picture is showing between 2019-05-16 and 2019-05-17 there was no activity.

This picture is showing that in the time interval when there was no activity, altcoins had a great dump.


CARBI protected ARBI from investing into altcoins and prevented the user account from having dumping bags of shitcoins. This feature is called to be smart base selection and is part of the CARBI service by default without additional cost.


RE: CARBI - Fully Automated Crypto Trading Service #3

CARBI detected the upcoming pump and started trading altcoins with safe settings since last night. See the chart of 05-19-2019!

Total Gain: ~309.238%

You see a 300% profit trade?

Yes, that might seem strange, but from ARBI it means that the whole XMR was sold out with x% profit and that is 300% compared to the amount per trade.

Still can't decide to buy our services? Contact us on Telegram.
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RE: CARBI - Fully Automated Crypto Trading Service #4
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