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Bunifu Help #1
As we all know Bunifu is a amazing Dll and so I have recently used it on a project and I just found out there regular Textboxes have PasswordChar and Bunifu Material Textboxes don't have that feature any way to add it or something. Any help will be appreciated!


RE: Bunifu Help #2
Well, today's you're lucky day! I've taking the time to write up a quick installation guide for you based off resources I found on google, I've also attached the .dll of Bunifu so you don't have to worry about having a trial version.


1. Open your Visual Studio, Go to File > New Project (Any Visual Basic or Visual C# project will be fine)

2. Once the project has opened, click on your Toolbox Tab.

3. Create a tab and name it "Bunifu Controls", once the new tab is created right click on it.

4. A menu should pop up, from the selection click "Choose Items"

5. Once the .NET Framework Components tab is opened click Browse, then navigate to the folder you extraded the downloaded Bunifu file I provided above and click OK.

6. Now you should see a file with this description | Name: aaa | Assembly Name: Bunifu_UI_v1.53

7. Select the "aaa" file which is the Bunifu Controls. After that check your tool box tab you created "Bunifu Controls" and check to ensure Bunifu was installed correctly.

- Binny


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