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You will need to register / recover your account to redeem the gold coins.

Massive update, we have now embarrassed SNIPR configs. If you wish to sell you're SNIPR configs for gold then head on over to the website.

We also made an update where you can post / sell databases.

Some people may recognize this site and yes it is that site just to clarify this before we go any further into this with more details.

Are you and have you been sick and tired of registering on cracking forums to obtain the content you are in need of? No problem here is a solutions for you right here. This isn't a forum it's a platform where you can upload to sell configs and purchase them. Currently withdrawals are disabled till the site is established with more content and more members visiting.

100 gold coins is the equivalent of $1, the lowest amount of gold redeem codes we sell is $5. These codes will go up in domination's but to start off with as the sites just launched I'm only going to be offering the $5 and $10 packages.

You may think and wonder to yourself "I may as well register when the withdrawals are activated" but if you are thinking logically if you register today and store gold coins ready for the embrace of the withdrawals system coming then you should have a decent amount to cashout.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much are gold worth in $?

A: 100 gold coins is the equivalent to $1, so if you want 500 gold coins its $5, if you want 1000 gold coins it's $10.

Q: When will the withdrawals be available?

A: There is no date / time set in stone yet, this will all depend on the activity of the site. But if you register / recover you're account today and start selling you're configs for gold you can save up the gold earned from selling configs and cashout when its available. So don't let the fact it's not available yet shy you away from using the site.

Q: Why is this better than using a cracking forum for my content?

A: Because you then don't have to go through the hassle of purchasing VIP / Diamond / Ruby or what ever subscription each month for a certain few configs you see in those sections where as here you can just pay the minimal of $5 to obtain gold coins to get the content you want.

Q: What happens if a config I purchased is dead?

A: If you can prove the config is dead and we check our side also to confirm that you're gold coins will be reimbursed and we will remove the config from the list.

Q: How can I help to keep the site going and keep this one alive without it dying?

A: Start selling some content and make sure you report all the dead configs so we can deal with it within a short time period so others don't experience the same issues.

Q: How do I contact you about any issues I'm facing?

A: We have a contact page where we will get sent an email which to what we can reply to you with an answer.

Payment Methods Accepted:

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Still got these gold coins on for sale, We are also currently doing a massive upgrade where there will be an autobuy on site so you can enter the amount needed instead of purchasing in domination's ( $5, $10, ect ) as well as lot more updates.


Putting this back to the top for more people to see.


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