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RE: Desktop Thread [2] #11
Those backgrounds are really cool.
Made me realise that i need to start thinking that i should have some change too.
Very nice share, much appreciated.


RE: Desktop Thread [2] #12
nice one men, thanks for the share


RE: Desktop Thread [2] #13
Kinda don't wanna be a gravedigger but I kinda wanna push the thread and also show my new desktop.

[Image: mZqFHOg.jpg]

Also background:
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RE: Desktop Thread [2] #14
(06-24-2019, 04:11 AM)mothered Wrote:
(06-23-2019, 12:25 PM)Kludge Wrote:
(06-21-2019, 04:16 AM)mothered Wrote: Very appealing Indeed.

I won't post mine, It's quite bland.

I have to agree. I always want to show off my computer in these threads, but then I alt-tab out and realize I have no desktop background, icons, or anything else. Then there's which completely empty boring desktop do I post? Do I make a VM clone and throw down a cool bg and some icons to make it look normal?
I'm overthinking this.

I understand your standpoint.

I work on simplicity In an organized manner, so what others see as a boring desktop, Is In fact very appealing to me.
I used to like posting a plain terminal window on a bare X install. No BG images or icons. Just a file browser, web browser, and a VB install running to allow other distros to specialize per task. It's an amazing way to keep memory usage down within the Host system for better performance from the custom mini-distros you'd be using for running applications.

Just got a thought on my VPN-Firewall-Whonix. We're gonna qubes the fucker!
>Screw it.
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RE: Desktop Thread [2] #15
This is the setup I use on my macbook. Small taskbar so it doesn't take up 90% of my screen like on any other macbook lol
[Image: oRWeaD2.png]
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RE: Desktop Thread [2] #16
You should do a installation guide for bspwn
[Image: qPI5ctk.jpg]


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