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Brave Browser exclusive features - Brave Rewards, Crypto Wallets and Ad Block... filter_list
Brave Browser exclusive features - Brave Rewards, Crypto Wallets and Ad Block... #1
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Brave Rewards - chrome://rewards/

Brave Rewards is were you can control your earnings and spendings. It has features such as Auto-Contribute, that is an automatic way to support publishers and content creators. Set a monthly payment and browse normally. The Brave Verified sites you visit will receive your contributions automatically, based on your attention as measured by Brave.

Crypto Wallets - chrome://wallet/

Crypto Wallets lets you work with cryptocurrency and related assets in Brave. Crypto Wallets supports Ethereum tokens like ETH and BAT, as well as collectibles, and lets you work with Ðapps and other smart contracts. All this is meant for people who are familiar with Ethereum and other blockchain systems — or are excited to learn. Brave Browser works with Local Wallets, Ledger or Trezor.

Only use Crypto Wallets if you accept that you alone are responsible for all risk associated with this use, and that Brave Software bears no responsibility or liability for any losses including incidental or consequential losses you might suffer as a result of this use. All of this is completely separate from Brave Rewards. So if you were looking to make money or support your favorite sites, head over to Brave Rewards instead.

Brave Ad Block - chrome://adblock/

A smart content filtering system to block ads, trackers or any type of code that tries to identify you.


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