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Blackbot Shop Launching Event #1
Blackbot Shop Launching Event

BBS represents the emergence of a new era to the scene, amidst hackers, crackers, and other related industries; one thing is shared in common - the need to have a reliable, trusted and secure platform for people from all trades to visit and conduct their purchases, sales or exchanges with the peace of mind that their interests and assets are protected. This is us, Blackbot Shop.

Our Features
- Shell validation to ensure all shells on sale are functioning.
- Surplus supply of hosting servers, vps and even dediks that are clean and free from malicious detections.
- Rating & Feedback system, for the quality of our vendors to be transparent to all.
- Dispute system for buyers and vendors alike to report if trades were not done in faith.
- Complete anonymity, no need for your personal details and trades conducted in cryptocurrency to further ensure your security.
- Integrated with Coinpayment to ensure that your recharges reach you fast.
- Group chat system for better communications.
- Product preview, so you always know what you are buying.

Our shop have an inbuilt ticket system, where you can open ticket for our 24/7 online support in the event of inquiries or disputes.

We do not condone ripping or scam trades here, anyone found regardless of vendors or buyers alike will be immediately banned with no possibilities of ever unban again.

[Image: 27ggpSL.png]
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