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Black friday #1
Lets start by listing places for black friday with best deals on the net


RE: Black friday #2
Best Buy has some good online deals. I’m thinking about buying a big ass TV
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RE: Black friday #3
is Best Buy in USA? Would be good to list from which country as well


RE: Black friday #4
I have seen a few...
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RE: Black friday #5
Yup, but it will definately be a madhouse on black friday.

On a black friday like 8 or so years ago I was late on getting to this Full HD handyman and they only had the floor model left.  Regularly $899.99 marked down 30% for black friday.  I asked could I buy that and they said sure...  At this point I felt like asking for a discount for it being an open floor model was reasonable.  They agreed to give me a 10% discount on top of the already discounted price so now we are sitting around $540 for a $900 camera...ok cool.  The guy tells us to go finish shopping and he will locate the box, etc and come back to him and he will check us out at his terminal in that area.

We continued to shop and once finished, returned to the guy who had our digital handyman ready to go, in the original box...WELL he goes to punch in our 10% discount and istead of issuing around a $60 discount, he accidentally only charges us 10% of the black friday discount price.  He never noticed $540 was missing off of our total $2300.00 ticket because of the 20 something other items crowding the screen and reciept that my wife went bananas buying.

I knew he messed up something when he told us our total because we were trying to stay under $3000 and I just looked over at my wife and she grinned and nodded "yep"....

As soon as we were out of earshot, I begin to ask "did he just do what i THINK he did?" She laughs and says...."you mean give us a 90% discount?"..."he sure did".

We now refer to that place as "Bestest Buy" lol

Good times


RE: Black friday #6
hope everyone got some sick stuff. I got two new monitors and a new desk mount Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin


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