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filter_list Best Mining Website for RATS
RE: Best Mining Website for RATS #11
Soz im late and your 99% not going to read this, but create your own thread. But just search youtube or google for a tutorial. That's how we all started Smile


RE: Best Mining Website for RATS #12
Do you mean mining pools? You can use minergate.
If you want to make your infected victims to mine for you you'll have to install a silent miner, but you will need a lot of bots with silent miners installed to make some cash.


RE: Best Mining Website for RATS #13
(11-21-2017, 03:19 PM)kanye Wrote: Hello there
First post somehow
i'dlike to know if someone could help me through the process of starting up with plasma / how to build a correct botnet network
best regards

Bro, make a new thread about it. That way people will stumble upon your thread and give you some good suggestions Biggrin

Also, OP I suggest you don't mine BTC with your RATs instead mine monero which will make you more money and also draw less suspicion. Moreover, there are loads of silent monero miners available online Smile
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