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filter_list Best Linux for scripting and network bypassing? Does the type of Linux matter?
Best Linux for scripting and network bypassing? Does the type of Linux matter? #1
Before I continue, please have patience with me, I'm a humble Java programmer, but I'm currently learning networking and PHP for website hacking. This is something I'm just starting, so mind you I'm ignorant of it all. I've heard I need to move from Windows to Linux if I really planned to be successful in this area. I'm fine with all this, and I do have an external hard drive that's willing to be used for linux, but there's loads of versions, and I don't know which one to use. I'm thinking in terms of what I'll be doing, it will be skill based but small area hacking. Possibly smaller sites, so to scale I shouldn't need anything crazy, when I'm still trying to manage the basics. I also want to get into linux for personal reasons, and I guess learning the layout of basic linux is something that should be done anyways. I'm also looking for anonymity when browsing and anything connected to the internet. So a linux version with things pre setup for that too would be splendid.

So knowing my goals, what should I stick with? Anyone have any tried and true versions that work well?


RE: Best Linux for scripting and network bypassing? Does the type of Linux matter? #2
To be honest if your looking to get into web hacking your best bet would be a pre-made security distro.

I recommend Kali Linux as it does everything I need.

For yourself you might not need everything in Kali Linux but as you develop your skills you will soon end up using more and more of Kali Linux's available tools.

To download Kali Linux -
Use this to install it onto a usb drive -
This should get you started in finding vulns -
Check here for things you can setup to test -
Check here for how to setup a Duel Boot with Windows 10 and Disk Encryption -
This should also be useful -

As for privacy, One thing I use is Tor -
But I would never depend on one thing to keep your private, if you expect to be safe from one layer of protection you will make active a point of failure.

Once up and running I would also suggest bleach -

Good luck!
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