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Battle Template #1
If you're looking for a battle, I suggest you use this template.
This allows for some structure. If you are looking to run a different type of battle message staff.

This is a [Graphics/Video] battle.

Number of people allowed:
This battle will have [1-4] people competing.

We are using [Poll voting / Specified judges] to determine the winner.

[Name your judge(s) here. This is not applicable if you are using poll voting.]

Requirements to enter:
[Enter the requirements for entry. This includes required image/video elements, renders, and C4Ds.]

[Write how long the battle will go for.]

Be sure to use this template and include any images people must use. Play fair and have fun.
When a winner is selected, close the thread and put the winner's name in the title.
[Image: 7ajmN5P.jpg]

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RE: Battle Template #2
Cool template, definitely gonna try it out.
[Image: LIBL.jpeg]


RE: Battle Template #3
I'm not entering, just want to know if this is good.

[Image: Jh2a39Z.png]
[Image: hJkWWcF.png]


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