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Avast SMH #1
I am using Avast free because I am on an older laptop and need less resource usage, however lately Avast has been pissing me off because there is update after update.

Is there any other free anti-virus that is not resource abusive? I did have bitdefender but it was a hog.

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RE: Avast SMH #2
In addition to your Issue, I don't like the fact that the "free" version of Avast requires registration after 30 days (by memory, I believe It's 30 days).

I recommend you try Comodo Internet Security found here: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Se...rity.shtml

Alternatively, you can download via the vendor. Softpedia Is a very reputable site, so you'll be fine. Bear In mind, Comodo's license Is Ad-Supported, so just uncheck the bits and pieces during the Installation process. Amongst other things, I like Comodo's Sandbox feature that's defaulted each time an application Is executed. I believe you should be happy with It.
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