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filter_list [Android] SMS Prankster (Spoofer)
[Android] SMS Prankster (Spoofer) #1
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SMS Prankster [Spoofer]

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SMS Prankster is an application which allows you to send SMS Message from any Number/Text to any Number. For Example from text "Police" , "FBI" or any number worldwide to any number you wish to.

How to Use this Application?
- First you need to create account, with provided email and password. (Preferably Gmail).
- Next you need to verify your email by visiting the link located in the message you automatically get on your email.
- After you verify your account, I will approve it.
- And you are good to go! Done! You can start sending messages.

Application Price

Message Price

1 COIN = 0.2e

Payment Methods
* PayPal
* Payoneer
* Bitcoin

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