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Analogue Super Nt #1
So if you've read about this thing, you probably know most of what's going to be said. If you don't, then hey - if you like SNES, you may like this.

Analogue, a company who I know for making the wooden-cased CMVS (Consolized Neo Geo MVS) and beautiful wooden stick that have been centerpieces in my arcade collection for a very long time, is coming out with a new system - the Super Nt. If you don't know the Nt, it's their current product line, well ti's a high quality recreation of the NES. The plain Nt is a NES and Famicom mixed into one aluminium shelled system using original parts for full compatibility, while the Nt Mini is a FPGA-based version of the same system that with a little messing around can do a ton more. Yes they're expensive - the Nt sold for $500+ in the base analog video configuration requiring another $100 if you wanted HDMI support as with most of their devices it's a luxury product, the Nt Mini is $449, but if you could afford it and wanted the god of all Nintendo Entertainment Systems it's the stuff to get

So, what's the Super Nt? Well, here's the blurb they state on the website...

Quote:"A reimagining of perhaps the greatest video game system of all time. Engineered with an FPGA. No emulation. 1080p. Zero lag. Total accuracy. The Super Nt is not a plug n' play toy. It is the definitive way to explore Nintendo's 16-bit era. Compatible with the 2,200+ SNES and Super Famicom game cartridge library. Explore and re-live one of the greatest video game systems of all time with no compromises."

...and the best bit for anyone wanting one is that it's only $189 - I know that's a lot for what's considered an old system, but you have to take into consideration that for someone who isn't willing to deal with a Linux setup (seriously, I offer building RPi-based systems for tons of people and they just want the Nintendo Classic whatever - not everyone is willing to learn a bit to save money) this is actually a good option as the SNES Classic Edition on average is going for $120+ for a limited selection and an original Super NES, while only usually $50-60 for the bare console, is becoming more and more yellow alongside just being harder to use as the resolutions that it likes to output are phased out in most modern TVs - trust me, you don't want to buy a $450 Framemeister or any other decent scaler box unless you really like your RGB or are willing to deal with a good input delay. The other nice bit is that due to being a more accurate hardware recreation, in the grand scheme of "clone consoles" there will finally be 100% compatibility - if you don't know, well Nintendo loved their expansion chips stuffing coprocessors, RAM, and soundchips to enhance their games. Most clone systems can't handle these like how most clone NES systems can't handle alternate sound mappers for games like Castlevania 3, but this should be able to.

The bit that intrigues me right now is who it's from - the man behind the Analogue FPGA projects, Kevtris, is a cryogenics engineer and hardware genius when it comes to game systems. He's the man behind the Hi-Def NES, CopyNES, the 5200Jr that includes the whole game library on chips, Kevtris on the Colecovision, the guy who made all the alternate cores for other systems to be used on the Nt Mini, he's reverse-engineered a ton of stuff, and he's just an all around nice/helpful guy to talk with on forums. Knowing this, based on the Nt Mini, the chance of having a jailbreak firmware released a month or two after launch could be neat - if done, this could end up being a little box that does everything up to the fourth and maybe early fifth generation in gaming... yeah it's more pricey than an RPi that I already own, my PC does this, etc. but I'm a sucker for this stuff and I think it'd be neat.

So yeah, if you can't tell by the fact that I sound like some jackass trying to market stuff to you, I'm excited. I love the products Analogue puts out, the guy behind it I trust with what he's doing, and honestly if you want something that'll just work then this is probably where it's at. If you want to check Analogue out, you can find them at this webpage - just watch out for the seizue inducing bit on the home page, it's really flashy.
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RE: Analogue Super Nt #2
(10-27-2017, 03:13 AM)BurritoBeans Wrote: just watch out for the seizue inducing bit on the home page, it's really flashy.

First I'm like "What seizure inducing bit? Looks like a nice site..." then I started to look around...

This looks really neat, especially the FPGA bit.
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