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Amazon 20% Off Exploit filter_list
Amazon 20% Off Exploit #1
This is more of an exploit than a hack.

There's an Amazon workaround that lets you get 20% off pretty much every product via their Wedding Registry program.

How it works:

1. Go to this site  and click on the link to sign up for a free Amazon Wedding Registry

2. Complete the signup form, and set your wedding date for tomorrow

3. Wait until tomorrow. You'll get 20% off on any items remaining on your list.

This works for pretty much anything... TVs, video games, dishes, you name it... they do exclude a small handful of specific products, but in my experience this list is short.

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RE: Amazon 20% Off Exploit #2
Thanks for this. Hoping it works. Will report back tomorrow.


RE: Amazon 20% Off Exploit #3
Okay, I can confirm that this works!

Got almost $200 off a new TV... this is pretty fantastic.


RE: Amazon 20% Off Exploit #4
Hey I am trying this but it seems like only a very select few things are listed? Is this normal or am I missing something here?


RE: Amazon 20% Off Exploit #5
Thanks for this. 20 percent is a good chunk. Hopefully people have scored cheap items.


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