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All-In-One Virus Toolkit - Virus knowledge in your hands #1
This kit is for people that works in the removal of computer virus or for people that has a great interest in knowing more about them.
This is not limited to computers, it's for all devices that has a potencial for getting infected.

In this kit you have an arsenal of tools were you can have access to information and more...

This is the first release of this kind and more tools will be added soon.

The archive available for download includes (for now):
1) Individual Scanner - For developers, it can be customized for virus search on windows.
2) False Positive Complain Tool - Send samples or send false positives for analysis.
3) Online Virus Scanners - All the best Online Virus Scanners.
4) Report Phishing 1.5 - Report phishing/malicious sites
5) Virus Database - Search and download known virus
6) Virus Enciclopedia - Search for more info on known virus


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RE: All-In-One Virus Toolkit - Virus knowledge in your hands #2
Crypters Stores - All-In-One Virus Toolkit

Another feature added to All-In-One Virus Toolkit. This file contains a few tested crypters.

For those of you that don't know what crypters are, well, if you want to make any malware undetected then you should adquire one.


Virus Analysis


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