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[AMV] Dragon Ball Z - No Leaf Clover filter_list
[AMV] Dragon Ball Z - No Leaf Clover #1
Who remember this?

The history behind this creation (copied from video):
4 years ago
Hello, everyone. My name is Sean. I made the original "No Leaf Clover" Gohan/Cell "music video" back in high school (I'm almost 30 now, holy crap, that seems like SO long ago!) and ran the Dragon Ball Utopia website with some of my high school friends (although I did most of the work on it). Before that, it was "Sean's DBZ Webpage". I remember being inspired myself by DBZ Warriors, who was one of the first on the scene making DBZ AMVs. He helped me get started and I'll always remember him being a great person who helped me out even though he had no reason to.

It's incredibly flattering to see this video still existing out on the internet and reading all of the extremely kind and encouraging comments. Some of the nicest comments I've ever seen on YouTube! It made my day. Thanks for that! Seeing some of my old videos immortalized on YouTube is awesome. I'm glad that someone still has them, as I don't even have a copy of them anymore! It's truly amazing that my video had enough of an impact on so many people that you remember it and love it almost 16 years after I first made it. The comments almost made me cry.

The original video was recorded on a VCR from the International Channel. I was too poor to buy fansubs and most of them were even worse quality than recorded TV. I then used my TV tuner card I paid a ton of money for (thankfully, ad clicks on the old website went a LONG way towards helping to pay for it!) to digitize it. The quality actually wasn't nearly as bad as the original video was at first. Uncompressed video is HUGE, though. The compression back in the day just destroyed the quality, unfortunately.

As far as where am I? Well, I'm still kicking around, heh. Haven't really done the music video thing in over a decade now but I'm still into anime. Working full-time like all the normal people! Playing videogames. Roleplaying. Involved in sports. Y'know, pretty everyday normal stuff.

well... a youtube user under the name of Jonathan DuPre' uploaded at 2011 an excellent remake of this masterpiece. look for it and enjoy it in 720p  Cool

(i don't put it here due to video limitation)

i'm just looking for knowledge, not pretending be great, just wanting to do stuffs


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