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filter_list AIRCRACK-NG
Interestingly enough, I tried this on my laptop and yes, the gpu works the calc. on my VM ware desktop, It used my cpu... I am confused... I used the same commands, the same files, just copied them from the laptop to the desktop... I have not tried again and maybe i did something wrong, - likely the case, IMHO most errors could be resolved sorting to human caused... or related. Im not willing to blame the machine if it doesnt work, its something I am not doing... most likely.

But to say, I love using aircrack... especially with wordlists, or piping crunch to aircrack... which is exciting for me... idk why. I guess i like brute forcing, says the ignorant idiot who cant even hack his own networks... Sad

someone smack me. I need to learn more about why I am not receiving the results I desire. IDK what I am doing wrong. I think this tool is amazing though.

I have tried several attacks using pixiewps - Im not sure of that is the same package tool... i think I read somewhere that it was combined... I am googling this as I speak.
I cannot get pixiewps to work.

And I thought pixiewps comes with reaver... at least the option I am using pixiewps is in reaver attacks... which seemingly always give me a non association message, i think being my mac and router mac not communicating back and forth, or, pixiewps could not find the pin.

This is a link I found helpful but I havent had any success after following these steps. again likely is my ignorance and not understanding the full system in context.
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