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💲💲💲 [Autoshop] Shell for SIB SERVICE 💲💲💲 filter_list
💲💲💲 [Autoshop] Shell for SIB SERVICE 💲💲💲 #1
I want to present a shop selling shells for SIB panels
All delivery of material and payment is automatic.
[Image: 3X3Qy3V.png]
After entering the key (obtained via jabber ) and specifying the number of required shells, validity check is happening.
[Image: uALSKjO.png]
Once the check has passed, the "Pay Now" button will appear and payment will be available within 30 minutes.
If payment has not been made within 30 minutes, the goods are not issued!
[Image: o0Ad0Le.png]
The key and a link to the service itself can only be issued via jabber or telegram
Since the SIB checks the shells incorrectly, upload them only by the order.

Shells uploading order:
1. After receiving the links you should add the key to the link: ?key=sdfadsgh4513sdGG435341FDGWWDFGDFHDFGDSFGDFSGDFG
1.1 In the Notepad++ replace “.php” to “.php?key=sdfadsgh4513sdGG435341FDGWWDFGDFHDFGDSFGDFSGDFG”
2. Connect to the server where the panel is located and go to the folder “webroot”.
3. Find files “blackshell.txt” “goodshelllist.txt” “shelllist.txt”.
4. Delete all Shells from file “blackshell.txt” and save it empty.
5. Insert your Shells (with added keys as in step 1) into files “goodshelllist.txt” and “shelllist.txt”.
5.1 To prevent SIB panel from rewriting the list of good shells by self-rechecking, execute the command: "chattr +i /pathToSIB/goodshells.txt", "chattr +i /pathToSIB/blackshell.txt". (In order to add new shells later you need to perform the reverse actions for these 2 files with the command “chattr –i”)

Once you have done all by the order, go to the tab “Other” and all your shells will become uploaded

Minimal count for buy 100 shell's.
Price for 1 shell - 0.4$

The key and a link to the service itself can only be issued via jabber or telegram
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RE: 💲💲💲 [Autoshop] Shell for SIB SERVICE 💲💲💲 #2
Fresh update !
We waiting u!


RE: 💲💲💲 [Autoshop] Shell for SIB SERVICE 💲💲💲 #3
Bump! Fresh shells uploaded


RE: 💲💲💲 [Autoshop] Shell for SIB SERVICE 💲💲💲 #4
Is it free or for payment..I could pay


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